Laps With Dad Ep 1 // First Turns

published Jan 2019 - 8,473 views

So, I am 28 years old now, a husband, and dad of 2. There has been a lot that has changed in my life the past few years but my passion for skiing has remained the same. This fall, I came up with the idea to put together a short "webseries" to continue to share my passion as a skier and now a Dad... well at least try too. My son is 15 months old and I hope to share the passion of skiing with him in the future. I made him his first pair of skis this fall, completely custom, even the bindings. Between the unpredictability of life as a parent and weather of the East Coast, it will be a challenge. Here is episode number one, of hopefully three, of "Laps With Dad" for the 18/19 ski season.


RMR Parks
Roundtop Mountain Resort

Credit: Ethan Cook and Walmart Tripod

Skier: Mike Urich and Witten Urich

Location: RMR Parks @ Roundtop Mountain Resort

Playtime: 00:02:53

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