shey townley - 'letsgoripsomeshitupmom.mp4'

published Nov 2021 - 402 views

a short film of me skiing from last season, captured by Cam Keith, Noah Maisonet, Nicholas Suchy and Seth Chevrier. supported by Peak Performance and Revy Outdoor
A few words,

My relationship with skiing has changed a lot over the past year. As I become more and more aware of what gives meaning to my life, the childhood dream of becoming a professional skier dissipates. As we continue to see the immense impacts of climate change caused by the ongoing mismanagement of land and traditional knowledge, I become more fulfilled by learning about ways I can change as a person and help spread this awareness to the people in my life. I am more than stoked to ski this season as I have the utmost privilege to do so, however I am conscious that being apart of the ski industry does not align with all of my values. It is our responsibility to be accountable for the impact we have on this planet. Mother Earth is here to nurture and heal us, we must reciprocate that action for the relationship to continue.

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