Mason Kennedy Super Unknown Cut

published Jun 2021 - 2,655 views

Thanks to Level 1 for putting this whole thing on!
Super Unknown 18 went off and Im stoked to have been a part of it.

Shouts to the filmers and homies that made it possible!
as well as all the friends and fam that helped get me there.
and to all the homies that were there, it was a sick week.

Josh Berman
Jake Strassman
Ian Avery Leaf
Jack Benzinger
Thomas Crandall
Laura Obermyer
P Dowg
Connor Smith
Cullen McCale

Credit: Level1, Saga, Ikon Pass, Line, Full Tilt, Spy, OS

Skier: Mason Kennedy

Location: Wood Ward Eldora

Jumps Rails Pipe People Park North America


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