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published Jan 2018 - 5,746 views

Hanging with stray dogs, jibbing police departments and UNESCO world heritage, climbing caucasian peaks and having the wildest busrides of our lives. Here's our first mini-movie from our gypsie-trip to georgia last february with the el.makrell gang!

skiing & filming.
Magnus Kramer, Rosina Friedel, Luis Meier, Torge Nagel, Jakob Siedersleben, Tobias Bretzke & Ludwig Hagelstein

Ludwig Hagelstein

Acharuli Gandagna - Basiani
Clap!Clap! - Kuj Yato
Soft Hair - Lying has to Stop
Shye Ben Tzur, J. Greenwood, The Rajasthan Express - Julus
Public Memory - Heir
Pixies - Where is my Mind

didi madloba & big thanks.
DOWN Skis, Mons Royale & Yessir Clothing Co.

the makrell

Location: Georgia: Mestia, Ushguli, Gudauri

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