Japan Drop

published Jan 2017 - 69 views

Scouted this sweet yet scary natural booster/drop during my trip to Japan this January. I know it isn't at all huge but for me It was far bigger than anything I had done air time wise (excluding some possible park jumps). Therefore I kept putting it off until the last day when I decided that I would regret not hitting it when I was back home and sitting in school bored as fuck. Both skis ejected upon landing, so sadly I didn't ride out. Happy I did it to boost my confidence with these sorts of features, hopefully i'll go a little bigger next year.

Credit: Brother on iPhone & GoPro on Me

Skier: Myself

Location: Hakuba, Japan

Playtime: 00:00:29

Artist: R. Kelly

Music: I Believe I can Fly

Jumps Crash Backcountry Powder


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