published Sep 2016 - 4,803 views

The third and final psycho installment. The wibes were high on the volcano this summer, the public park army lost many battles, but ultimately won the war. The summer of love turned out to be a real thing, and Hood even was blessed with a new loke #mthoodkeegs. A few Windells employees got fired, although it's surprising there weren't more. Cans were crushed, drug tests were passed, and ponds were swam in. Shoutout to ming for learning proper handplants, and special shoutout to her #leapofjoy. All in all, one fucking great summer, BLESS!

Credit: A4 and Slime-On

Skier: Physco Squad

Playtime: 00:07:52

Mount Hood Edits Jumps Rails


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