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2017: The Year Of The Steak

by hoodcrew
Mar 1st - 1.5K views

Jake (Steak) Nolan's 2k17 season. Finally uploading this shit because snow is coming down in SLC and especially the mountains so the hype is real! Hopefully pow szn soon.


by hoodcrew
Jan 29th - 1.5K views

Chase and John Michael catching a Dreamy nighttime vibe. iPhone. Music: Out A Control - Junior Kelly @chasemohrman @mistafabrizi


by hoodcrew
Nov 2017 - 13.5K views

Huge thanks to everyone who made last season so insane, major shoutouts to sanch, gustav, oliver, jay volak, scott andrus, erik olson, jared winkler, jack borland, cmack, keeshcrew, magnus graner and my parents

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Slow Your Roll & Satisfy The Soul

by hoodcrew
Jan 2017 - 25.6K views

Skiing will always be a party so we want to emphasize the importance of finding a balance of humbleness, serenity, and gratitude amidst the exhilarating experiences associated with this amazing sport. Soundtrack:

Slow your roll, satisfy your soul

by hoodcrew
Nov 2015 - 12.4K views

The fourth part of an infinite series. Doing it for the rachets, is a peaceful and considerate way to live life. Remember kids, #everybodyneedslovin so sit back and enjoy an emotional journey through a season of #questionable decision making and club bangers.