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Nov 21st - 11K views

Huge thanks to everyone who made last season so insane, major shoutouts to sanch, gustav, oliver, jay volak, scott andrus, erik olson, jared winkler, jack borland, cmack, keeshcrew, magnus graner and my parents

The Pray for Snow Radio Show

by hoodcrew
Oct 27th - 9.3K views

An uplifting DJ mix to play in your headphones as you stand at the top of an escalator, holding your skis, wondering when the snowflakes are going to start falling from the sky. Full mix here:


by hoodcrew
Oct 23rd - 3.8K views

With social media and a constant flow of content right at out finder tips -now more than ever with instagram stories and what not- people get an idea of what it is like to live through an experience without even being there. We form a story in out heads, pretending we are there... a daydream. It is every skier dream to spend the summer at Mt. Hood. Not always the pratical decision, but beyond worth it. When I was younger I would always watch the windells session edit and any other video put out of summer skiing on Mt. Hood; putting inages in my mind to dream about. These dreams are some of the fuel that make me ski as much as I possible can. This summer I was able to make the dream a reality. I didnt do it on my own though I owe a big thanks to my supportive parents and my friend Jake for everything he has done for me. So here is my interpretation of the dream life at Mt. Hood during the summer. -PeterChristensen Video by Peter Christensen Skiing done by the Windells Diggers Filmed by Mazzi, Gavin Rudy, and Alex Harvey, Peter Christensen.

The Parkdale Mansion

by hoodcrew
Oct 16th - 1.5K views

Straight out of Humboldt, Mazzi visits the 40water mansion and chapter flips into yuppie life. This is 9 days of chemical imbalance, folk music, craft beers, and suspect decision making. Feat. Tommy Two

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Slow Your Roll & Satisfy The Soul

by hoodcrew
Jan 2017 - 23.5K views

Skiing will always be a party so we want to emphasize the importance of finding a balance of humbleness, serenity, and gratitude amidst the exhilarating experiences associated with this amazing sport. Soundtrack:

Slow your roll, satisfy your soul

by hoodcrew
Nov 2015 - 12.1K views

The fourth part of an infinite series. Doing it for the rachets, is a peaceful and considerate way to live life. Remember kids, #everybodyneedslovin so sit back and enjoy an emotional journey through a season of #questionable decision making and club bangers.