Ethan Arrington 2022-23 Szn Cut P4.5 TUCKERMAN RAVINE

published May 24th - 335 views

Took to the whites with my buddy Max and Christyan after the lifts closed. Honestly, super bummed I didn't go sooner. The few ascents we made up Tuck's were the coolest experiences I've ever had - in and outside of my ski life. I think I will get more into the backcountry stuff in the coming season now that I know what it's really about.

All the skiing was filmed by Max and Christyan - a huge help because its literally impossible to do myself. Ethan Arrington (myself) filmed all the b-roll and scenery shots.

🎵"Come a Little Closer" - Cage the Elephant

Skier: Ethan Arrington

Location: Tuckerman Ravine

Playtime: 00:03:03

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