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Kings and Queens of Corbet's Top 3 Men

by sander_h
Feb 2018 - 4.1K views

Crazy times in Jackson Hole for the first Kings and Queens of Corbet's! Big thanks to Red Bull, Smartwool, Freeskier Mag & Jackson Hole Mtn Resort for an awesome event! Everyone threw down! Big ups to King Crazy Karl for taking the top spot!

Sander Hadley on J Skis

by sander_h
Dec 2017 - 1.1K views

Shots from this early season at Grand Targhee, Teton Pass, Snowbird and early season rails with the homies at Pebble Creek Ski Area. Real hyped to be on J Skis! I've been skiing on the #jmetalski and #jfriendski,

Feelin' Fine

by sander_h
Feb 2017 - 10.1K views

"Feelin Fine" a collection of shots from December & January at Pebble Creek, Alta, LCC/my front yard. Thanks to all the homies for filming! Shot mostly on GoPro Supported by Under Armour and Scott Sports Cover photo by Sam Watson

Sander, Sean, and Noah-MSP Athlete Edit-2016

by sander_h
Oct 2016 - 4.4K views

MSP Films athlete edit from "Ruin and Rose." Stoked to share a part with Seany J and Noah Wallace. Sean and I spent time skiing pillows at Golden Alpine Holidays with Hoji, Markus Eder, Michelle Parker and T Rains. Epic crew that I learned a lot from. Sure was a mind fu$% being thrown straight into the mix at a backcountry lodge only touring. It was a very humbling experience. Pillow skiing is extremely difficult. Watching Hoji ski in person is like watching professional skateboarding with your own eyes, it's mind blowing. T Rains is a true master jedi. Markus slays in all aspects. Michelle rips hard. Sean and I then went to Tahoe. Our trip got the plug pulled on it after just 2 days and 1 road gap session in as temperatures climbed into the 50's. Sean and Noah got to session the Whistler jump. Looks like things went off. Awesome to see Sean's classic style in the air and Noah bringing his own spice too. Big thanks to Scott Hibbert at Under Armour for making this stuff happen.

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Sander Hadley Ostlay 14/15

by sander_h
Sep 2015 - 10K views

Ostlay is pig latin for lost. My father passed away May 3, 2014. He was my best friend and biggest supporter. His passing left me in a lost state of mind all of last winter. He always laughed about being required to take a dead language (pig latin) in high school. Here are the highlights from when the camera did end up coming out. I'm happy to say I am in a much more peaceful place nowadays and continue to live on as his legacy. Cheers to the lost ones, thanks for the inspiration. Presented by ON3P Skis Filming: Bobby Jahrig, Bo Ferro, Gavin Rudy, Dawn Byrd, Ryan Rudolph, Kevin Bane, Calvin Hawley, Jessie Fullmer, Matt Tsakrios & GoPro 4 Silver

Sunny Bird

by sander_h
May 2014 - 6.2K views

This month, my world was turned upside down. My best friend, my hero, my father, Kirk Hadley passed away. Skiing and family (not limited to blood) have been my rocks during this wild month, my deepest meditative forms. Although I didn't get to ski as much as I have in past months, the times I did get to this month were very special. My good friend, Ryan Mooney, shot me, Bo Ferro and Chance Larkin enjoying a couple of those special days at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort. The family that I have accumulated through the ski community makes each day on the hill a joy. Thank you. Also, big thanks to my sponsors for making me a part of their families.