Sander Hadley Ostlay 14/15

published Sep 2015 - 10,254 views

Ostlay is pig latin for lost. My father passed away May 3, 2014. He was my best friend and biggest supporter. His passing left me in a lost state of mind all of last winter. He always laughed about being required to take a dead language (pig latin) in high school.
Here are the highlights from when the camera did end up coming out. I'm happy to say I am in a much more peaceful place nowadays and continue to live on as his legacy. Cheers to the lost ones, thanks for the inspiration.
Presented by ON3P Skis
Filming: Bobby Jahrig, Bo Ferro, Gavin Rudy, Dawn Byrd, Ryan Rudolph,
Kevin Bane, Calvin Hawley, Jessie Fullmer, Matt Tsakrios & GoPro 4 Silver

Credit: Edited by Sander Hadley

Skier: Sander Hadley

Location: Utah, Idaho, Montana

Artist: Neil Young, Doobie Brothers

Music: "Old Man", "Listen to the Music"



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