#FTPWR Early 21/22

published Mar 2022 - 394 views

I’ve felt conflicted about backcountry riding since experiencing my first avalanche last season. This winter I decided to do something about it, so I signed up for an avalanche 2 course, almost 8 years since completing my Avy 1.

As a skier working on filming the last 9 years I’ve all too often put my safety and decisions into the hands of guides, experienced athletes—anyone but me. My goals in the mountains have gone from cover as much ground as possible in search of the next big air to now moving mostly by foot, finding stuff that gets me excited and enjoying what comes with that. I am grateful for the (ignorant?) safe passage over the years and the opportunity to continue exploring all aspects of skiing, it’s not called freestyle snowboarding ;). #FTPWR

Shot by: Erin Spong, Bo Ferro, Tyler Scheibenpflug, Corey Jackson and Jake Hopfinger

Music by Thes One from his mixtape "Where the Piecelock ends"



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