Massive Changes Launched Today!

by nopoles
Nov 25th 2010 - 1 comments has some very exciting changes coming soon to make it easiser to upload and manage your photos and videos.  Today we launched a slew of changes so the site will be ready for these new features.

Read the full article for more details...

My trip to the Getty

by nopoles
Mar 17th 2008 - 13 comments

So I'm in Los Angeles, California to work on this year's NS recode and I had the weekend off to do my own thing. I took the opportunity to check out some of LA's sights. Here's the story.

NS Upgrades

by nopoles
Aug 2nd 2007 - 16 comments

NS will be undergoing a face lift and major feature enhancement over the summer... more details inside.

Blog Update coming. How's this?

by nopoles
Jul 17th 2006 - 13 comments

We have added ratings to the blog system. This is what the current updated blog system will look like. The two columns that are mostly N/A will show ratings once people actually start voting.

How's the new gallery?

by nopoles
Jul 6th 2006 - 19 comments

New Gallery Tonight:

What do you guys think?

The gallery has been months of work. I essentially did an overhaul of the gallery system, and designed the interface with CKO.

You can get

A week of cubicle life...

by nopoles
Mar 16th 2006 - 18 comments

As some of my buddies may know, I was offered a short time contract by Health Canada to do some programming & data analysis.

There are a few good things about working for the government.

One; they always pay.
Two; the people are all very nice.
And three, they have 800 numbers for every possible senario.

New Profiles Online!

by nopoles
Mar 6th 2006 - 14 comments

For those experiencing glitches when reading & sending messages or viewing profiles, try emptying your browser's cache and reload NS. Some Javascript files have changed and will need to be reloaded by your browser.