It's now T-minus 9 hours and counting until my flight leaves for Denver, CO. The NS office is a mess of piled ski eqipment, computer equipment and various other essentails for our 12 day tour of the south western United States. The crew and I are off to cover the US Open, followed up by SIA in Vegas. I can't wait. The last few weeks have brought a shit storm of work for me. I finished off November working a 9-5 job at Health Canada, all the while working on NS, D-Structure & Plehouse's site That was quickly followed up by a move into a new house with my bro, my girlfriend and a peramedic friend of mine named Simon. I took a break between Christmas and New Years, then was once again back to work. My latest round of updates on NS included Blogs, which you are reading now, as well as some performance and formatting changes. Just for the record, I haven't forgotten about Articles & Reviews. I will have them fixed up soon. I want to thank all the members for making this site what it is. I love the NS community and what we represent. I'm glad to be a part of it. Thanks for reading my blog.. I'll post again soon!~Paul