I've been working on the new profiles. Here are some shots of the beta site...

This is the new look for the profiles. Very similar but there are some key differences...The screenshot above shows a few new buttons on the top right. The right most button is to toggle opening the profile in the pop-up window or in the main window. The "Add To Friends List" and "Block Member" links have been changed into the other two links.The links on the left work like tabs so you can view different parts of a member's information.
This it the pop-up window that opens by clicking "Open Profile Window"Once in the profile window, you can revert back to the parent window by clicking "Open In Parent Window".
The new contribution listing! By clicking the tabs in the top left of the profile, you can easily find contributions a member has made to the site. Pictures, videos & threads will open in the main window, but the profile window will stay open for easier browsing. This new setup is currently in testing and should be working in a week or two.Oh.. and there's going to be member blogs too. ;)~Paul