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Dicky Days #7: The Predickament

by Dicky_Thomas
Oct 2022 - 12K views

Viewed by some critics as a cinematic masterpiece, The Predickament captures what it means to be a freestyle skier in the United States. So join me Dicky Martin Thomas as I enter an awkward time in my life. Leading me to travel across Minnesota, Oregon, Utah, and Kansas in search for lively dance parties, beautiful ladies, pickup basketball, wicked waves, concrete shredders, professional YouTube Golfers, professional chefs, and of course my beloved brothers who just can’t stop thinking about corking. Even during the Summer.

Thanks to Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, Pinewskis, Letters Of Love, and Pinewskis for making this all possible!

Everyone Involved

Skiers/Snowboarder: Me Dicky
Walker Shredzz
Alex Koford
Jed Blue Waters
Tucker Fitzsimons
Sean Fitzsimons
Bennie Osnow
Chris Topher Newett

Chef: Donny Enriquez

Jake Dubé as Jackson Doobiez

Skaters: Tucker Fitzsimons
Jed Blue Waters

Surfers: Cam Januik
Nick Larsen
Jimmy Mcglynn

Dancers: Thomas Family

Directed By Dicky Martin Thomas

Dicky Day #6: DICK DA MOVIE

by Dicky_Thomas
May 2022 - 6.8K views

After a handful of Days with Dick, it seemed like the perfect time in my career as a professional Amateur (Rookie) Skier to take a leap of faith. And direct a motion picture that only a Dick could create. I hear by present DICK DA Movie. Follow Dick and his associates as they conquer true love, heartbreak, corruption, Jah, absolutely no powder, sticky rails, and of course a bunch of other homies who don't wanna do anything besides cork there Dick off :)

On the real tho, I really like making these videos and I hope you guys like them so I can keep making more. This one is without a doubt special.

Directed by: Dicky Martin Thomas
Actors: Alex Koford
James Pouch
Kevin Bang
Sam Baumgartner
James Kanzler
Freddie Lang
Tanner Blakely
Konner Ralph
Atti Parker

Thanks to my Sponsors and everyone else who made this video/this season possible.

Line Skis
Full Tilt Boots
Letters Of Love
and of Course Red Bull

Dicky Days #5 : Dick and Friends ;)

by Dicky_Thomas
Feb 2022 - 2.7K views

In a day an age where skiing is losing its touch we once loved through many missed blunt grabs, countless Andri K-Feds, and of course the endless amounts of Instagram edits containing words from beloved rapper Playboi Carter. The boys set out on a Journey that started from nothing other than a vision. Guided by the will of Bobby Brown and Tom Wallisch witness a group of young lads combat a community full of misguidance to prove that nothing is more Gangster than group of kids grabbing blunt on their skis.
Support our cause :)

Skiers and Friends:
Atti Parker
Alex Koford
James Kanzler
Jed Waters
Cayden Wood
Tanner Blakely
Leif Wilson
Troy Podmilsak
Zane Severson
Matt Labaugh
James Pouch
Brayden Willmott
Henry Robarge
And Dick

Dicky Days #4 - Mounkee Land

by Dicky_Thomas
Dec 2021 - 591 views

Carcasses where corked, bodies got broke, but the mounkee's stayed stoked. Join me and the pros through an emotional journey to Europe filled with laughter, blunt grabs, K-feds, confusion, prosperity, and most of all immaculate vibes. Tell your mother, father, and give your sister my snapchat.

Shoutout Bryan Whyble for displaying how cork is properly done, I you wish to take his classes, search 4bi9.

Professional Athletes:
Alex Hall
Colby Stevenson
Troy Podmilsak
Charlie Gnoza
Willie Borm
Konnor Ralph
James Kanzler has best clip
Cam was surfer Boi
and Dick

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The Dick Mix

by Dicky_Thomas
Mar 2019 - 4.9K views

Haven't been able to shred at all this year cause I broke my dam pelvis, but the homie Parker Milbrath whipped up a bunch of old shots for an Audi Nine Nights submission. Hope you bros Frick wit it.

Dick Mix V2

by Dicky_Thomas
Mar 2020 - 9.7K views

Prolly should have made this for superunkown, but fuck it. I was hurt last season so it was unreal to be back out there. Still got a lot of shit I wanna send next year tho. Could you guys hook it up with an orange name too?

Dicky Days

by Dicky_Thomas
May 2021 - 9.4K views

Been Trying to make a video like this for a while now. I grew up watching Chug Life/Line Traveling Circus and all that other good stuff. I feel like skiing needs more content like that so here ya go! I hope their aren't too many iPhone clips in here but there definitely are, hopefully I can get a Go Pro or some shiet soon. Lemme know If y'all like it!!!!

Shoutout to Line, Fulltilt, and Pinewskis for making this all possible

Atti Parker
Zane Severson
Alex Koford
Ryan Mcelmon
Kevin Bang
James Kanzler
Willy Griffith
Nick Murray
Konnor Ralph
Tanner Blakely
and me Dick

Dicky 17-18

by Dicky_Thomas
Jun 2018 - 9K views

Mad fun season this year, thanks to my sponsors Line Skis, Fulltilt, Oakley, and Pinewskis and everyone who made it possible.