Dicky Days #5 : Dick and Friends ;)

published Feb 2022 - 2,664 views

In a day an age where skiing is losing its touch we once loved through many missed blunt grabs, countless Andri K-Feds, and of course the endless amounts of Instagram edits containing words from beloved rapper Playboi Carter. The boys set out on a Journey that started from nothing other than a vision. Guided by the will of Bobby Brown and Tom Wallisch witness a group of young lads combat a community full of misguidance to prove that nothing is more Gangster than group of kids grabbing blunt on their skis.
Support our cause :)

Skiers and Friends:
Atti Parker
Alex Koford
James Kanzler
Jed Waters
Cayden Wood
Tanner Blakely
Leif Wilson
Troy Podmilsak
Zane Severson
Matt Labaugh
James Pouch
Brayden Willmott
Henry Robarge
And Dick


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