Dicky Days #4 - Mounkee Land

published Dec 2021 - 571 views

Carcasses where corked, bodies got broke, but the mounkee's stayed stoked. Join me and the pros through an emotional journey to Europe filled with laughter, blunt grabs, K-feds, confusion, prosperity, and most of all immaculate vibes. Tell your mother, father, and give your sister my snapchat.

Shoutout Bryan Whyble for displaying how cork is properly done, I you wish to take his classes, search 4bi9.

Professional Athletes:
Alex Hall
Colby Stevenson
Troy Podmilsak
Charlie Gnoza
Willie Borm
Konnor Ralph
James Kanzler has best clip
Cam was surfer Boi
and Dick

2018 Winter Olympics


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