Dicky Days

published May 4th - 8,115 views

Been Trying to make a video like this for a while now. I grew up watching Chug Life/Line Traveling Circus and all that other good stuff. I feel like skiing needs more content like that so here ya go! I hope their aren't too many iPhone clips in here but there definitely are, hopefully I can get a Go Pro or some shiet soon. Lemme know If y'all like it!!!!

Shoutout to Line, Fulltilt, and Pinewskis for making this all possible

Atti Parker
Zane Severson
Alex Koford
Ryan Mcelmon
Kevin Bang
James Kanzler
Willy Griffith
Nick Murray
Konnor Ralph
Tanner Blakely
and me Dick

Playtime: 00:07:37


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