Freeski in "Northern Paris"

published Nov 2019 - 1,078 views

Northern Norway are known for its famous mountains and fjords. What is less known is that Tromsø, a city 69 degrees north, also is a town perfect for urban skiing. Tromsø is also called "the Paris of the North" (hence the title), because of its early trading history with bigger towns in Europe.

Our local terrain parks are not impressive and are rarely changed throughout the winter, therefore the streets are the answer for keeping skiing varied and interesting. I hope to show that urban skiing doesn´t always need to be so demanding. Everything you really need is a good buddy, some shuffles, a camera and two headlamps.

Credit: HÃ¥vard Sundby, Zigmas Kniuksta and Janis Zulis

Skier: Fred Inge Guttormsen

Location: Tromsø

Street Europe Rails


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