STE-TV - Lappin Le Relais II

published Apr 2018 - 1,071 views

Zach Masi, and Andrew Bock headed to the great white north of Quebec to link up with Jacob Belanger, Emile Bergeron, Justin DL, Fred Lavoie and Etienne Brucho for some late season park domination at Le Relais.

Jacob Belanger
Fred Lavoie
Etienne Brucho
Justin DL
Zach Masi
Andrew Bock
Emile Bergeron

Filmed By:
Cam Willis

Additional Filming By:
JF Houle
Paul Bergeron
Marco-Oliver Gilbert

Edited By:
Cam Willis

Supported By:
K2 Skis
Subaru Of New England

Location: Le Relais

Edits Rails East Coast


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