2024 J Skis Ski Gear

J Skis The Allplay

2024 Skis

The NEW Allplay:For our 10 Year Anniversary we’ve completely redesigned the original ski that started it all! In 2013, The Allplay skyrocketed us into the skiing stratosphere, immediately earning it a cult following as the most playful ski on the market and continues to be our #1 selling ski a decade later. J …

  • Sizes: 158, 165, 172, 179, 186
  • Dimensions: 125 / 97 / 121

J Skis The Escalator

2024 Skis

The Escalator is easy up, easy down... you CAN have your cake and eat it too! This lightweight ski pulls double duty for dawn patrol touring and as your daily driver hot lapping the resort. The secret ingredient is a combo of a super light Aspen core paired with our classic downhill ski construction for a solid feel re…

  • Sizes: 162, 169, 176, 182, 188
  • Dimensions: 132 - 102 - 123mm

J Skis The Fastforward

2024 Skis

"The Fastforward” is a brand-new ski for this season designed to empower you to carve ice like a knife through hot butter, while maintaining the fun-loving, playful feel J skis are known for. The subtle tip-rocker keeps you floating with ease in fresh snow, yet when rolled over, 100% of the edge is engaged, inclu…

  • Sizes: 160cm, 167cm, 174cm, 181cm
  • Dimensions: 124 - 92 - 111mm

J Skis The Friend

2024 Skis

“The Friend” ski was designed in collaboration with athlete Giray Dadali to surf pow, stomp landings and charge harder with less effort than ever before…. so you don’t have to be a pro to ski like one! Its long, gentle rocker and 117mm waist keep you effortlessly floating, slashing and popping …

  • Sizes: 177cm, 183cm, 189cm
  • Dimensions: 143 - 117 - 133mm

J Skis The Hotshot

2024 Skis

“The Hotshot” charges harder and surfs easier than other Freeride skis backed by a massive sweet spot that feels intuitive and easy to handle in all terrain and conditions with no speed limit. We optimized the shape and location of the “Light Metal” Titanal laminate to add more power where you n…

  • Sizes: 170cm, 177cm, 183cm, 189cm
  • Dimensions: 134 - 106 - 124mm

J Skis The Joyride

2024 Skis

At 90mm underfoot it rips quick turns, supported by a long camber and minimal rocker that grips firm snow without even trying. The Joyride’s lively flex will pop you in and out of turns and have you playing all over the mountain like you’re in a video game, about to get the high score! Our signature Maple w…

  • Sizes: 140, 150, 160, 168, 175, 182cm
  • Dimensions: 118 - 90 - 114mm

J Skis The Masterblaster

2024 Skis

We redesigned our #1 selling all-mountain ski ”The Masterblaster'' this season with a new, wider 99mm waist and slightly increased rocker. The result nails the sweet spot of freeride performance by enhancing soft snow playfulness, while providing firm snow precision and responsiveness for ripping everything on th…

  • Sizes: 167cm, 174cm, 181cm, 187cm
  • Dimensions: 133 - 99 - 118mm

J Skis The Slacker

2024 Skis

The Slacker: A lighter ski that also charges hard, making it the least nerdy touring ski in the world. “The Slacker” is an all-terrain freestyle ski designed for uphill efficiency, while maintaining the reliable, intuitive downhill performance J skis are known for. Built with the backcountry in mind, its w…

  • Sizes: 169cm, 176cm, 182cm, 188cm
  • Dimensions: 136 - 110 - 128mm

J Skis The Vacation

2024 Skis

“The Vacation” is the ultimate getaway from traditional boring skis! It features a truly one-of-a-kind, soft flex pattern that’s equally distributed throughout the length of the ski. This enables it to match transitions and excel at a larger variety of freestyle terrain so you can throw down with more…

  • Sizes: 166cm, 173cm, 180cm, 186cm
  • Dimensions: 127 - 104 - 122mm

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