Last week saw the top 8 edits in our Greatest Edit Of All Time poll go head to head in bracketed quarter-finals. Some of the head-to-heads were close, others less so, but we've whittled it down to four edits, and this week, we're looking for the final two.

If you missed it, vote in the first semi-final here:

Team America JOSS '09 VS Slumdog Illionaire

The second of our two finals pits the King of Afterbang against the Lord of the Gucci Plateau. Tom Wallisch's SuperUnknown was a defining moment in freeskiing. It ushered in a new era of skiing, influencing the entire direction of the sport for years to come. Tom went on to become one of, if not the, greatest skiers of all time, and of course, the first inductee into the Newschoolers Hall of Fame. As the voice of freeskiing on TV and host of possibly the last great rail jam, he continues to lead the sport to this day. On the flip side, Jake Carney never really blew up. Sure, he crushes on Instagram and his style is arguably as good as it gets. His skiing is instantly recognizable and I guarantee everyone on this forum has a special place for his skiing in their hearts. But the industry never quite figured it out, so he's still out there, crushing and still underground to this day. Sovereign is arguably his peak but we hope that we'll continue to see those mind-blowing snippets from his arsenal for years to come.

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SuperUnknown V | Tom Wallisch