Everyone loves a good, 'heated debate'. The discussion over what ski edit is the greatest of all-time has raged on since the dawn of Newschoolers and so to fend off the summer malaise, we figured we'd put the issue to bed. A while back, we called on you folks to help add some wild card picks to the edits already chosen by NS staff past and present, including some of the highest-rated and most viewed edits on the site. Those votes have been tallied and the winners have been added to the list. And in the meantime one break the internet edit has dropped. Now, without further ado, we present the final 18. Watch them all for a trip down memory lane then choose wisely in the poll down below because you get one vote only. The poll will close in 2 weeks and the top 8 will go head to head bracket style for the all-important internet points.


Kimbosessions Pt. 1 2017 | Fredrik Angelsen

It's no surprise that one of the best events to grace the ski game has also spawned some all-time edits. This one is the pick of the bunch though.



SuperUnknown V | Tom Wallisch

By far the longest-running video contest in the industry, SuperUnknown has resulted in a fair few classics. But this is without a doubt THE all-time classic entry and set the ball rolling for a long, prestigious career.



Welcome to Jiberish | Sean Jordan & Clayton Vila

Jiberish edits back in the day, eh? This is one of several to make this list and an undeniable classic. S



Team America | JOSS '09

Bring back JOSS! Team America didn't win, but we all remember that drama back in the day. They probably should have, this is definitely our favorite cut from the event, and still a regular rewatch even this far down the line.



Real Ski 2015 Edit | Sammy Carlson

Before Real Ski became a street contest (and then got abandoned), Sammy C dominated. Three wins back to back and we could have picked any of his edits... but this is our favorite.



Water | Keegan Kilbride

Bruce Lee would be proud of this one. Mt. Hood is a proving ground and this one elevated Keegan to new heights. We can't wait to see what he comes up with this fall.



FUCK! | ClownSchool

A Newschoolers classic from Newschoolers Royalty, featuring a crew of up-and-comers who would almost all become stalwarts of the era. Back then, this was the future.



Rainy Days | Dale Talkington

We all remember that 9, it's still a mindfuck even today. Filmed in one day, this is the true essence of a banger edit.



Slumdog Illionare | Simon Dumont

For a guy who we mostly think of as a comp jock, Simon Dumont sure shows up on this list a lot. One of the best styles ever, the man had boost mode on at all times.



One of Those Days | Candide Thovex

Arguably THE most widely watched and acclaimed ski edit of all time. Candide was already a legend but One Of Those Days relaunched his career and sent his fame through the stratosphere.



The Ultimate Run | Markus Eder

By far the newest edit on this list, The Ultimate Run is surpassed perhaps only by Candide's OOTD series in its mainstream presence and contains perhaps the single broadest display of skiing ever committed to film. What a monster.



Walk in the Park | Adam Delorme

Style incarnate, Adam Delorme goes down as the definitive underground legend of the sport. If he dropped an edit of some straight airs and butters today, it'd probably break the NS servers and this is perhaps his definitive work.



Day and a Half at Breck | Jiberish

The edit that truly blew up the brand, Day and a Half at Breck was just that. But with that crew, it was always going to be something special and to this day it's a timeless classic.




Jake Carney is arguably THE skier that the industry folk never understood. He still crushes it on social media but never made it out of the underground. SIMPLE edits were some of the best of the best and this is our pick of the bunch.



Will & Andy Go to Hood | Line Traveling Circus 1.1

More for what it started than the edit in particular, Traveling Circus 1.1 is an undeniable classic. TC is by far the most successful series in the history of the sport and while the cast has evolved, Will & Andy still run the show and crush it to this day.



Resurrection | Simon Dumont & Tom Wallisch

This one came out of absolute nowhere and almost broke Newschoolers. It is THE top-rated edit of all time on the site and showed that the two most featured riders on this list still have it, in Simon's case, even years after retirement.



Rob A Bank to Get Rich | Antti Ollila/Keeshlife

Perhaps the sleeper edit on this list, this Ruka masterpiece remains in the all-time top 5 list on NS. Song, style, stomp... everything lines up perfectly in this one.



Muddy Winter | Inspired Media

Just about anything Henrik & Phil put out back then could probably have made this list and it was tough to narrow it down. But Muddy Winter was a defining moment where everything seemed to come together, in some ways, it defined the careers of two legends of the sport. 13 minutes of madness.