Last week saw the top 8 edits in our Greatest Edit Of All Time poll go head to head in bracketed quarter-finals. Some of the head-to-heads were close, others less so, but we've whittled it down to four edits, and this week, we're looking for the final two.

Our first semi-final is an all-Dumont lockout with the OG starring in both of the edits. Team America '09 from the Jon Olsson Supersessions sees him team up with fellow legend of the sport, Tom Wallisch. The pair go on a tear through one of the most incredible competition setups of all time, filmed by two of the great filmers in the form of Josh Bishop (Level 1) and Tyler Hamlet (Poorboyz). On the other side of the bracket, Slumdog Illionaire sees Simon turn thug courtesy of tips from Nick Martini and others. It might be tongue in cheek, but it's also undeniably a classic.

The question is which one deserves a finals spot? VOTE NOW.


Team America 2009 - Simon Dumont & Tom Wallisch (by Level 1 & Poorboyz)


Slumdog Illionare | Simon Dumont