A couple of weeks ago, we posted a poll aimed at ending the debate over the greatest edit of all time. As the votes came in, we realized two things. Firstly, that it was going to be incredibly close, and secondly, that having so many edits to choose from made things (too) difficult. Rather than crown an overall winner, we've taken the top 8 and put them into a bracket and we're going to ask you to choose between the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and ultimately the grand finale.

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Team America JOSS '09 VS Welcome To Jiberish - Clayton Vila/Sean Jordan

SuperUnknown V - Tom Wallisch VS One Of Those Days - Candide Thovex

Sovereign - Simple VS Walk In The Park - Adam Delorme

The last of our quarter-finals sees two absolute classics face off. Both are among the defining edits of their time and both are edits we rewatch on the regular to this day. The fact that both dropped on NS within a month of each other shows how much of a golden era of skiing that was. The crew who filmed for FUCK! reads like a who's who of underground rippers of the time. Some went on to become big names of the sport but everyone kills it. It has the perfect edit vibe and is exactly the sort of thing skiing sorely misses today. Slumdog Illionaire was the other side of the coin, featuring one of the biggest names in the sport at the time. It's easy to misremember Simon as a comp jock, but he features as many times in our top edits list as anyone, and this was his solo classic.

These two were 4th and 5th in our initial poll, so this could be a close one. VOTE NOW!


FUCK! | ClownSchool



Slumdog Illionare | Simon Dumont