In this episode we sit down with Line Skis Pro, Reagan Wallis. Tune in for a conversation about Reagan's life journey, filming with Traveling Circus, exploring the country with Tell A Friend Tour, Reagan's approach to creativity, and more.



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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Intro, Long time listeners

0:03:10 10 Year Recap

0:06:30 Growing up in California, Racing and Freeskiing

0:11:50 Injuries, Rollerblading

0:16:25 Trick Selection, Andy Parry and Will Wesson

0:21:30 Getting involved with Line Skis, Traveling Circus, Tell a Friend Tour

0:28:45 Owning a Van, living with Dasha Gansta for a few weeks

0:37:50 Going to Norway and Sweden

0:40:45 Favorite shot from new video, Spring and Summer

0:44:55 Creating, Behind the scenes

0:49:20 Hot take, Viewer Questions