Hate to Say I Told You So...

by pho[tog]rapher
Dec 13th 2014 - 11 comments

Well, as if I hadn't already mentioned... The general public loves to make a spectacle of skiing. I'm sure your grandma has already sent you the link of that 'crazy skier' she saw on Good Morning America...

I am a skier, am I?

by pho[tog]rapher
Nov 24th 2014 - 14 comments

For the majority of my life, I've lived in a snow globe. A white-stricken satellite picture was the norm. Snow would fall. School would never be cancelled. Whether in high school or college, we'd b...

My Friend Is A...

by pho[tog]rapher
May 19th 2009 - 11 comments

We all have friends. And each of them is something. For some of us, our friends are losers, some are writers, some chefs. Others are tricyclists, moochers, or poets. No matter what crazy thing your friend is, please try to say to them at least once:

Where in the World...?

by pho[tog]rapher
Apr 14th 2009 - 8 comments

After an unexcusable hiatus, I'm back to blogging, partying, all the while trying to handle the two S's... Ski & School. While it's always my goal to make the first the priority, this season's gotten the best of me.

My First Time

by pho[tog]rapher
Nov 24th 2008 - 17 comments

It's a time that we all agonize over. When it finally happens, we are nervous and excited, typically jonesin' to get some more. Once you start the addiction, can you stop?


Gettin' Schooled

by pho[tog]rapher
Nov 19th 2008 - 7 comments

Forget the tests. Forget that book report. Take a 5 minute break and think about the *gasp*, good things about college life.

High Fives for JibFest!

What's In a Name?

by pho[tog]rapher
Nov 2nd 2008 - 9 comments

Before the snow officially falls, there's an awkward period where we feel helpless. We look out and see grass and leaves, but something within us know that the tim has come. How do we fix such a problem? Rail jam rail jam rail jam.

Dear Newschoolers (A Letter from the Outside)

by pho[tog]rapher
Aug 8th 2008 - 28 comments

Self-defined as a community, we Newschoolers pride ourselves in our common passion. We live it, we breathe it, we love it. To us, there is no life to live but that of a skier. We can't imagine our life without it. In this special feature, a follow-up to my last blog is made... by a very interesting author.