This time of year is something that most people look forward to. I know my college friends and I were happy to finally exhale after holding our breath through exam week, living off of little sleep and lots of caffeine. Some may have thought it was against my better judgment, but the weekend before finals, I locked myself in an enclosed space and buckled up for a whirlwind experience… in my car and on the way to Jay Peak. (Find a super-sick recap from Rogge here! )

I’d never been to Jay and thought I wasn’t too stoked after a sleepless night, an empty stomach and a gnarbar beef on the first run, I got back out there with some encouragement from Rogge and took one of the top-5 runs of my life. You know the feeling. Everything is right. In our case we were cutting powder, strolling through some trees, all the while the sun began to set behind us, illuminating the tips of the mountain tops in the distance and putting a warm glow on the end of the day.

And like all good things in life, it didn’t last.

Finals week was hell. My last final was a 40 question, multiple choice, on a Scan-tron. Seriously? You honestly think that I was going to take my time and re read the questions, especially while a dissected cat was looking at me? No Mr. Biology Professor, I am not. I’m going back to a little place called the 315.

Three One Fivvvuhhhhhh! Word up word up. Yeah. Noooo one knows what I’m talking about. Central New York, baby. Not downstate enough to be classified with “the city” but not north enough to be Canadian overflow. To me, it’s amazing weather wise. Four solid seasons giving you enough lake-effect pow in the winter but still perfect waves on the lake in the summer. Don’t hate cos you ain’t.

It sounds like Syracuse would be pretty bomb to come back to this time of year, and of course seeing friends was on the top of the list of things to do, but oh wait, some dude named J.C. was celebrating his birthday in the middle of all of this.

To be upfront, Christmas isn’t my thing. I’m all for walking in a winter wonderland but the whole idea of breaking the bank and family time wasn’t something I looked forward to. I can’t say I hate everything about the time of year (pics further down to explain what I mean,) but I can’t honestly say it was a good Christmas. I ralphed all Christmas Eve thanks to a killer dose of the stomach flu or food poisoning, and nommed on popsicles and ginger ale for a Christmas feast.

Christmas is also the time where you get together with people or you think of those who are important to you. I hung out with my mom, but after recently having someone stomp, after bang, and ride away on my emotions, I wasn’t really in the mood to be festive. A typical girl would slug on her sweat pants, pull up her covers, and hound on chocolates while Lifetime had a movie marathon. Ha. I’m not your typical girl.

If I’m pissed off at you, I could always down your karma. Mmm, true true but ineffective in the long run and unsatisfying. I could start a thread on how you suck but hey, chances are those already exist (and why do that when I can later bitch in a blog?) So how do you handle a painful situation? Easy.

I swap those sweat pants for snow pants. I find comfort in those obnoxious purple things. They’re familiar and cozy and always seem to fit just right. Covers are transformed into a ballin’ hoodie, the chocolates into a Red Bull, and instead of settling into the overstuffed chair in the living room, I find myself most at ease sliding onto the double chair at the local hill.

During the break, I hope people are able to get a second to breathe and do something they like. Whether it’s pull on their favorite snow pants and hit the hill or hell even if it’s just sleeping.

I haven’t been laughing as much as usual, and for the people who know me, I output a very high percentage of laugher on a daily basis. To make up for this, I appoint the rest of you to get a laugh out of these fun things. Some are personal pics while the others are videos my friend Elise shared with me, plus a link to dweezil's blog that I'm super stoked on right now. Hopefully things that make me happy can do the same for you guys. Enjoy NS!

okay, okay, so maybe Christmas wasn't a completeeeeeee lost cause. i did get this pretty sick hoodie from my mom. it's called safety yellow. which reminds me of "Safety Dance" which is one of my all-time favorite songs. which apparently made me so stoked that when i left to go skiing that week, mom decided to capture this beautiful frame. p: Stephany Keans

Something I do like about Christmas is the baking. I had the little neighbors over to do cookies and found myself alone at the table working on these little guys and laughing to myself as they smothered their sticky hands all over my wii. To clarify, Schmuck's set-up in the banana suit can work for him, Tanner, and Simon depending on the day, and the G-Suit's been making it's way around the scene, but meh, I stuck them with those labels anyway.

You guys def know Jack Byers. If not... well you should. Kid's blog blows everything this here blog has ever tried to accomplish, out of the water, times a kajillion. Whatever, you get my point. Do your brain some good and read something other than the comments in the scene girls thread.

Click it...seriously.

The following videos having been killing me lately. It's from the guys who brought you the smash hit, Jizz in My Pants . I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

Just two guys... I'm sure some of you can relate.

Bing Bong Bros... they're going places...

Awesometown is..... awesome!

Plus karma to whoever can embed those for me, I suck at that. Many thanks to the Jay Peak crew for an epic day and night, and everyone who's been riding with me over break (this doesn't count all my silly friends who took vacations out west, pshhhtttt) ahha. Stay tuned for an update on Toggenburg's most recent rail jam! Peace&Love