Shine Blockas: ILLEST EDIT

by hoodcrew
Apr 2010 - 7.4K views

Scott Illest Edit Contest Entry..featuring the skiing/ riding of Michael Briggs, Joey Vandermeer, Danny Schwartz, Johnny Niedermeyer, Alex Kollar, Andrew Nagel, Max Warbington, Lucas Wachs, Garrett Rowley, Scott Rowley, Elliott Preston, Brett Huber, Kevin Lund, Hudson Knoll, Jason Broward, Guz Reister, Mychal Foerster, and Collin Wright

Danny Schwartz: Film Reel 08-11

by hoodcrew
Mar 2011 - 682 views

Here's a film reel I compiled of shots I've filmed over the past few years with the Canon GL2. I included many of the crazy antics I've filmed when attempting to get the shot such as my friends crashing into me or other people. enjoy


by hoodcrew
Sep 2011 - 4.6K views

You fools know what it is, you probably saw us poachin schwindells, fucking your girlfriends or smokin dope in tha hard ass streets of government camp oreganj. 2 hawt fo summa camp is more than a movie, its a story and a lifestyle, one of slangin drugz, killin the five oh, watchin jah vanderspliff get schwasted and danny schwartz get worked. Fuck you, fuck rebecca black, live the shit life and watch the movie

winning freeeflow entry

by hoodcrew
Jan 2012 - 2.3K views

the drunk intellectual won the competition but didn't attend the gatorade event because........ he's the drunk intellectual. but he's still a fucking badass

dschwartz 2012 promotion

by hoodcrew
Apr 2012 - 1.1K views

Paul Troy has been watching Daniel's progression for the last few years. He was honored to have the opportunity to finally spend of a day of filming with a world class athlete. Daniel had a set list of the stunts he wanted to execute and we are proud to deliver what we believe is an exceptional combination of hard work, freelance cinematography, and talent. Shoutout to Based God #illuminati


by hoodcrew
Sep 2012 - 8.2K views

we all like concussions so definitely don't speed check before jumping over a gap the size of a swimming pool