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When evaluating the difference between Organic and inorganic Butter it really comes down to the potential contaminants in the skiing that is used. In general, quality flaws and age can’t be “hidden” in Organic Butter. Plus, when you use Organic Butter as an ingredient, the skiing level can change the flavor of your finished good. Bottom line, Organic Butter is a crucial ingredient and one best left true and untampered with. I would like to thank Majesty Skis for all their support in genorating said Organic Butter as well as Adam Delorme at Haskill, Jeff and Kevin at Treefort Lifestyles, and the good people at Ombraz Sunglasses. Many shout outs to the people that filmed: Peter Columbo, Alex Havey, Skier Dan and Jacob Rickey. Please remember to ski for fun and fk the dumb shit.

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Summer Breckenridge Mount Hood Keystone


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