John Symms and Colby West Win People's Choice Award at JOSS!

by NafJenn
Apr 10th 2009 - 13 comments

I never planned to win at Jon Olsson Super Sessions. Colby and I agreed from the beginning that we didn't care about making the winning video. In fact, we weren't sweating the People's Choice award that heavily either. We figured that the predominantly Scandinavian crowd would give it to one of the three Scandinavian teams in the contest. And if not them, probably to Team America, the one with Simon Dumont and Tom Wallisch, who is literally the biggest freestyle ski star in Scandinavia, despite being an American. We just wanted to make a video that would make, as Team Canduh says, bunch people laugh once it hit the Internet.
After each video, the announcer held a decibel meter up and asked the crowd to cheer out its reaction. The response to our video was 114 decibels or something like that. I don't really know what that means, but it sounds pretty loud to me. I couldn't believe it. When they announced that we won People's Choice, it, like, totally jazzed me up. And my team. We were all hugging each other, and smiling uncontrollably. I was so happy that I was shaking. Suddenly, Team USA was euphoric with the elation of knowing that we'd completely smashed our greatest expectations. That was important, considering what we were about to find out.
If you asked the thousands of screaming spectators at the Mix Megapol Arena in Åre, "My Friend Is A Pro" was the best video of the contest. Tight. The official judges disagreed. In fact, they completely disagreed. Five judges ranked the submissions against each other on five different categories: Tricks, tricks, concept, overall impression, and photo slideshow. The best video each category received 12 points, the worst received 0 points, and the intermediate places received intermediate point amounts spaced at 2-point intervals: Points = 2*((6 - (r - 1))), where r is the team's rank in a particular category. I was told after the awards ceremony that the points system was made up as a device to build the suspense for the awards show crowd, and actually had little correlation with the real evaluations of the videos—except, of course, their opinion that Norway made the best video.
Either way, as the scores came out category by category, the first two hurt a little bit. You know, last place and all. Then when the concept score came out as a zero (despite glowing praise from the judges for having made the most entertaining video of the contest), we started to get excited. Could we have gotten shut out by the judges and still made the crowd favorite? It doesn't get much better than that.
We got close. Soo close. Our team's photographer, Alex O'Brien submitted the sixth best (second worst? half empty? half full? third world?) photo slideshow, however, blowing our perfect shutout with his two points. WTF, right? What a downer. But in a world where winning the crowd is better than winning the money, 0 points can still be better than 2 points. And 2 points is still a damn good score.

Blazing Trail and Blowing Rock

by NafJenn
Feb 25th 2008 - 15 comments

    Today at Appalachain Ski Mountain, the first stop of the 2008
Salomon Jib Acdemy went down. First off, as most of you know the
majority of the hot shots this weekend were in Japan for Nippon and
Breck for North American open, but unexpectedly the real place to be
this weekend was North Carolina.

Rubens is all over the map!

by NafJenn
Feb 12th 2008 - 7 comments

It looks like I have been severely slacking off on my
blogging. I guess it is all that deep fluffy powder I have been skiing. Maybe
not as much snow as last year but it has been so darn cold that the snow quality
has been incredible. Life is good, shredding pow, having fun, sledding and
getting some filming done.

Grom Jam 08 Presented by SALOMON!

by NafJenn
Jan 16th 2008 - 11 comments

Presented by SALOMON
Competition Type
– Rail Jam and Big Air
Division – 16
& Under Skiers Only
Location – Mount
Southington, Southington, CT
Date – Feb 9th
Format – Rail
Jam and Big Air
Registration –
1pm – 2:30pm
waiver must be
signed by parent or guardian
Warm Ups – Rail
Jam 2pm – 3pm
                     Big Air 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Competition –
Rail Jam 3pm - 4:30pm
                        Big Air 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Entry Price -
$15 + Valid Lift Ticket or Season Pass
Features – Rail
Jam: Flat Box or Flat Rail - riders choice
                  Big Air: 3ft Tall Kicker or
6ft Tall Kicker - riders choice
Sponsors –
Salomon Skis, Smith Optics, Bob's Chalet Ski Shop
Prizes - Grand
Prize Provided By Salomon awarded to the skier that has the best overall
impression, as well as prizes awarded for best trick big air, best trick rail
jam, and plenty of swag to be given away
More Info -
There will be a live DJ at this event, Salomon will be at this event showcasing
some of next years product as well as to just hang out, Plenty of cool prizes
for everyone.
This will surely
be the sickest competition to ever hit Mount Southington.
visit or for more information

Salomon Freeski TV

by NafJenn
Oct 25th 2007 - 22 comments

Here we go everybody! Salomon Freeski Tv is about to launch. Oct 29th. Salomon has one of the best teams out there and Freeski tv is where you'll find em!