I started out the new year with a trip to Whistler to

compete in the Deep Winter Photographer showdown. It was a challenge to shoot on

the hill in greybird conditions everyday but we got some great snow and had fun.

We didn’t win but we got some super cool shots and it was awesome to see

everyone’s show.

 From there I came back to the interior and went on a

sick trip to the Golden Alpine Holiday tenure where we spent most of our time at

the Sentry Mountain Lodge. This is now my third trip to the lodge and probably

the best yet. I went with a big crew consisting of filmers, photographer, a

guide, Tim Grey, Eric Hj and Hugo Harrison. It was super tight crew; we had

perfect snow, not a lot of sun but we had a kick ass time. A great way to start

the season by getting in shape, skiing sick pillow lines and having a shitload

of fun. We spent 10 days in the lodge and only took one day off. Nine days of

filming and hucking ourselves down pillow lines takes a toll and we were all

pretty tired by the end. You would think after three trips to Sentry I would be

getting tired off the place and that we had skied everything. Not so much. That

place is awesome, so many more lines to ski, so little time. Already looking

forward to our next trip there.  

 The day that we left Sentry it got super windy and

hammered the snow in the alpine everywhere. It brought the first good high

pressure system to Western Canada, with blue skis and wind hammered snow it was

time to take a break. I got a chance to go up the new hill and check out what it

looks like on a bluebird day. SICK!!!! Maybe one year I will spend enough time

where I live to check it out. HAHAHA. Can’t really complain.

 I took a couple days off and then headed to the coast

for some more filming. I’ve never been to the coast when it has been that cold!

We went sledding out near Bralorne for a week. The first day was so cold that I

got super bad frostbite on my face even with it all covered up. Super sick day

though, the coldest driest pow I have ever skied on the coast. Cool to check out

some new zones around Bralorne as well. Had a sick night of good old Canadian

hockey in Bralorne, way too much fun, really can’t believe that I didn’t kill

myself. Then my sled engine decided to seize about as far in the backcountry as

you can imagine.  Thanks BRP for the warranty and to Blake for towing me out.

 That leaves me here on my way to Austria on a

last minute trip. Nothing like finding out you are going to Europe the day before you need to leave. Good times I tell

yah. Looks like it will be a super sick trip with Douglas and Kaj, super excited

to go over to Europe and shred. Should be good