LSM - a contemporary ski video

published Dec 2018 - 1,939 views

Innovative skiing mixed with creative filming and sustainable traveling.
I wanted to experiment with the idea of traveling to skiing with an electric car as the only means of transportation. I also wanted to prove that you can get really good footage and do amazing projects with really low carbon footprint. Sweden has a goal to have a carbon free transportation fleet by 2030 and EV's will obviously have a huge play in that transition. The video is filmed during a 3200km/2000miles road trip around the Swedish mountains and is a little "slap in the face" to those who say longer winter trips with electric cars are not possible ;) Global temps are rising, winters are getting shorter and skiers are the first ones out the door in this race against climate change. This is a contemporary ski video not only because of the creative skiing and video making but also because sustainable ski trips is a hot topic within the winter sports community and because electric cars is the definition of "new wave".
In the spirit of #usewhatyougot we also filmed most clips on hand built features.
I would like to thank Nissan, Kittelfjäll and Ramundberget for making it possible to make this video and spread this message.
Skiing by Lucas Stål Madison
Film & Edit by Pär Hägglund for more info on the 100% electric Leaf.
Check my videos: Leaf Life 1,2 and 3 for a BTS view of the road trip.



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