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How To Prepare Your Skis, Bindings, Boots, & Clothing for Summer | Stomp It Tutorials

by Newschoolers
Apr 27th - 717 views

Spring is here, like it or not and that means for most of us its time to hang up our boots and give our skis a rest until next winter. But before you put your ski gear away for summer and wheel out that bike, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your gear is prepped and ready to go for next winter. Then when that first snowfall settles you can be one of the first to be out in line for a chair. Not only that but these steps will ensure that your gear remains in the best condition and doesn't deteriorate, or succumb to rust over the summer.

JP MEMORIAL: The First Five Years

by Newschoolers
Apr 23rd - 503 views


4/23 5pm MST- JP Memorial Happy Hour -

- A collection of JP Memorial edits from the past 5 years premiered Live on Armada's Youtube

- A Zoom Happy Hour with athletes and friends to follow after the premier, link shared in Instagram and Youtube at the end of programming

4/24 630pm MST - JP Historical Programming -

- JP’s best segments premiered Live on Youtube

- JP Trivia hosted on Instagram Live- Micah will host an Instagram Live trivia hour, where we will have 10 celeb guests confirmed beforehand who will drop in and try their best to answer questions that Micah throws their way. Fans can participate by also answering in the comments section of Instagram during this part of the contest. We will monitor the 3-4 fans who answered the most questions correctly in the comments and then bring them in live at the end, with the contestant who answers the most questions correctly winning a pair of Armada JJs!

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The Big Picture | Lite Years

by Newschoolers
Oct 2017 - 14.7K views

Hello, thanks for tuning in.
The show's about to begin.

What you are about to see,
is The Big Picture's first ever movie.

After three years and sixteen web edits down,
we thought it was time to change things around.

We called up the dudes, and told them the news.
They put down their brews, and loaded the doos.

With two-stroke and pillows, big air and big crashes.
Literal close friends, two dudes on one mattress.

Join the Logans, Rainville, King, Adams and White,
on a powder filled party, assured to leave you in delight.

So turn up the volume, lets all have a cheer.
We are The Big Picture and this is Lite Years.

- Rossignol presents The Big Picture | Lite Years -

Featuring: Chris Logan, Parker White, Duncan Adams, Mike King & Tanner Rainville

Thanks to our supporting sponsors Electric, Airhole, Tall T Productions, 686, Cheetah Factory Racing & Forecast Ski Magazine.


by Newschoolers
Oct 2018 - 9.4K views

Filmed for this edit in Skibyen in may with Andreas Håtveit and Bendik Øye. We had a one of the most fun weeks ever, and we're stoked to come back with one more edit after 4 years since the last one. Hope you guys like it!

Music by: Phantomondatrack