Wear A Helmet - Daniel Thomson & Mikey Hall's Story

published Nov 2018 - 1,194 views

On 4 April 2018 I had the best worst day ever.

Daniel Thomson and I were having one of the best pow days of our lives in the Lake Louise backcountry when the day suddenly took a turn for the worse. My ski snagged a hidden rock which threw me into the snow - headfirst, directly onto another hidden rock. I knew immediately that I had a serious injury and that I wouldn't be able to get off the mountain on my own. My helmet was destroyed and I broke my back in several places, but I was extremely fortunate to escape without any serious head or spinal cord injuries.

I have no doubt my Pret helmet saved my life that day. Daniel and I wanted to turn this negative experience into a positive message about the importance of stacking the odds in your favour.

All credit to Daniel for putting this together and telling this story.

I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to so many people who were involved in my rescue and who took care of me in the aftermath:
- Daniel
- Dave Petch & Casey Robinson and the rest of Lake Louise Ski Patrol
- Jasper Johnson
- Parks Canada Visitor Safety
- All the EMS staff and the staff and the Mineral Springs and Calgary Foothills hospitals
- Jessica Hall
- Dave Williams
- All the friends who were there to sort logistics and provide much needed moral support (and delicious meals)
- Rebecca Mottram at Altitude Physio & Kevin Worobey at Banff Physio



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