Cornice Triggers Massive Avalanche

published Feb 2017 - 25,687 views

Tobin Seagel took the time to take the right steps yesterday in the Pemberton backcountry. Don't get complacent and be safe out there!
"We went to get a quick pre-work shred in this morning but weren't counting on this! We usually dig out the cornice a bit on this line to make an entrance and to test the slope stability below. But it doesn't normally do this. It stepped down 4-5 meters and ran all 3000ft down to the flats below - then all the way across them, pulling all the snow off the face down to the bed surface rocks. I guess we need to manage for low probability, high consequence in some places on the Coast this year. Be careful out there friends!(Sounds off bc of an unexpectedly high number of four letter words)
@blackdiamondequipment #liveskirepeat (focus on the living part)"



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