Juho Kilkki - Organic Skiing

published Apr 2016 - 1,530 views

Organic Skiing is a video part made by me and my wife during the winter of 2016. When filming for the video we walked to all the spots from our home. (Except one that was in the backyard of our friends' house where we were staying for a holiday.) We used only natural terrain to get speed for the tricks and natural light for filming.

Jyväskylä has a pretty strong history in urban skiing and snowboarding. Actually most of the spots in this video were already built by other crews such as the Tikut Gang. Huge thanks for the setups and inspiration for all the local shredders.

Credit: Olga Kilkki

Skier: Juho Kilkki

Location: Finland

Music: Ilta - River Lea (Adele Cover)



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