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Real Skifi - Winter Wonderland

by Juho@Kilkki
Nov 30th - 200 views

A paid collab with Valio Academy.

Valio Academy scholars for 2022 were published last week - this time 340 individuals or groups will receive a scholarship! We want to congratulate everyone who were selected and thank everyone who sent in their applications. Once again we had the pleasure and the honor of being a part of the selecting process. Valio Academy is a big supporter of sports and physical activity of children and adolescents in Finland. More info about the program:

Last winter we revisited Havumäki Ranch. This time we got to experience it in dream like conditions. We had so much snow that our smiles were almost as wide as our skis.

Juho Kilkki Mic'd Up

by Juho@Kilkki
Aug 10th - 2.5K views

A paid collab with Valio Academy.

Street skiing is a niche sport. But it can still be versatile, colorful and full of nuances. It's a sport and an art that you can make your own. That's why street skiing deserves to be portrayed in rich ways. You don't need to have tons of equipment and crazy spots to go out there. You don't need to be all serious and only do it at night. Grab your friends or even go by yourself and go do it your way. Just because we have a narrow image of something doesn't mean we should stick to it.

Each year Valio Academy program is sponsoring hundreds of children's and adolescents' sports and well-being. Anyone (in Finland) can apply for a scholarship - regardless of their sport or level. Deadline for next year's applications is August 15th. More information and instructions:

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Real Skifi Tenet

by Juho@Kilkki
Apr 2021 - 5.6K views

A paid collaboration with Valio Akatemia.

Take off comes before landing. Or does it? What if the outrun is actually the inrun? Real Skifi Tenet is a skiing fiction piece inspired by Christopher Nolan's Tenet.

All the illusions in this video were achieved by acting and simply reversing and/or altering the speed of the footage. No VFX needed. The question is: which clips are reversed, and which are not? Which ones go back and forth, and which don't? After all, time is in the eye of the beholder.

The idea for this video had been in our minds for a while already, and finally we got together to brainstorm and make it happen. In this project, we had to use our creativity differently from what we’re used to. This time, the challenge was to get the acting and timing right instead of landing a hard trick. We hope you enjoy!

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Juho Kilkki - Social Distancing

by Juho@Kilkki
Apr 2020 - 4.5K views

A paid collab with Valio.

Among many other things coronavirus is changing the way we exercise. The situation calls for a new perspective and creative ideas. We want to encourage everyone to find their own way of exercising safely in these times. How do you stay active this spring?