Me, and My Friends

published Mar 2016 - 3,684 views

Presented by Jiberish,

Hello My Friends.
This is "Me, and My Friends" showing the weeks of late December to early January featuring the good friends Tobias Sedlacek, Cole Gibson & Jeremy Veilleux a.ka Toyben, Gangsta Gibbs and Beenie HI Grade.
We are good friends
and good friends are nice to have
Get by with a little help from your Friends,
Get high with a little help from them too,
But also Hi

And Good BYE

Filmed by: Cole Gibson & Liam McKinley
Edit by: Tobias Sedlacek

Jiberish x The Bunch Capsule Collection:

Credit: Tobias Sedlacek, Cole Gibson, Jeremy Veilleux

Skier: Our Friends

Location: SLC BABY

Playtime: 00:10:59



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