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The Bunch - Longing for Áhkká Trailer

by TheBunch
Feb 15th - 1.3K views

"Longing for Áhkká", an award-winning documentary feature film, tells the compelling story of two blood-related Arctic expeditions, united in their quest to conquer the summit of Stortoppen, the highest peak of the Áhkká mountain massif within Stora sjöfallet National Park, Sweden.

In 1921, Arthur Thelin fulfilled his lifelong dream by participating in the first recorded expedition to Áhkká and Stortoppen, chronicling his experiences in his journal, with key moments captured through the lens of legendary photographer Borg Mesch.

One century later, in 2021, professional freeskier Magnus Granér embarks on a journey to retrace his great-grandfather Arthur's steps, accompanied by his filmmaking friends, to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the original expedition.

Total emission: 4.58 tonnes CO2e
The Bunch has made conscious choices to lower the carbon footprint of this production and balanced any remaining emissions by 200%.

The Bunch - SENSUS Trailer

by TheBunch
Dec 12th - 762 views

Full film is available for purchase at:

Amidst the chaos of our modern distractions, "SENSUS" emerges from the void as a cinematic revelation, a journey that challenges perceptions and invites us to ponder the infinite in the everyday.

In the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, a group of hominid life forms sculpted by 13.8 billion years of cosmic evolution have not only mastered the art of sliding on frozen water but have recently stumbled upon a swarm of profound and enigmatic technology.
This newfound discovery sparks a universal exploration, reshaping their perspective of reality.

SENSUS is a voyage into the heart of mystery, a delicate unraveling of the intricate threads that bind us to this moment in time, and a compelling thrust towards the mysteries that stretch out, vast and untamed, beyond our understanding.

Directed by @jnillagrams
Produced by @thepeyben & @skimanguy
Supported by @haglofs
Skiers @evelojna @skimanguy @thepeyben @emilgranbom @alexhackel @jnillagrams @dr.pippah @tiddahpants
DOP @lukabees
Original score by @hugoburvall
Additional music by @andreasestensen & @hebbemusic
Additional Drone by @dimi_fpv @joonasmattila
3D & Still photography by @alric.ljunghager
Graphic design by @evanvo_
Sound design by @hugoburvall & @andreasestensen
Color Grade by @jesperguldbrand
Editing by @jnillagrams
Microscopic footage by @andreasestensen
Sustainability by @levikammer

THE BUNCH X NINES - Swatch Nines'23

by TheBunch
May 2023 - 2.3K views

A The Bunch interpretation of The Nines.

Director: Jens Nilsson
Principal Photography: Andreas Olofsson & Pär Hägglund
Sound Design & Mix: Phantom
Color grade: Jesper Guldbrand
Producer: Tobias Sedlacek
Editing: J Nilla
Production company: The Bunch

Additional Photography:
Moritz Keller
Jannis Oining
Marinho Ramon Meyer
Colden Rand
Lukas Hauser
Lukas König
Lukas Tielke
Imanuel Thallinger
Simon Abele
Peter Kaiser
Jens Nilsson
Magnus Granér

Johanne Killi
Alex Hackel
Kai Mahler
Max Moffat
Finn Bilous
Magnus Granér
Edouard Therriault
Patrick Schubert
Lucas Mullaüer
Fabian Boesch
Kim Gubser
Kirsten Muir
Jaye Rawe
Megan Oldham
Olivia Asselin
Mathilde Gremaud
Birk Ruud

Track 1: Anti Matter - Phantom & Nilla
Track 2: Tonka - Phantom
Track 3: Theatre of Delays - Horizon
Track 4: Have you heard - Magnus & Kamohelo

Many Fantasies Later

by TheBunch
Dec 2022 - 36.9K views

The Bunch presents their" 11th film "Many Fantasies Later".... Every time you set sail you dream of finding a new land, but sometimes you just go in circles. During this voyage we came down with the mad cow disease & won film of the year. Are those two things a coincidence? Separate Events that have nothing to do with each other?I think we have never gotten the mad cow disease or won film of the year before. Which would leave me to wonder if we should have gotten the mad cow disease sooner.

Directed by

Björn Eklund

Magnus Granér

Alex Hackel

Produced by

Alex Hackel

Magnus Granér

Skiing by

Magnus Granér

Alex Hackel

Evelina Nilsson

Hugo Burvall

Emil Granbom

Jake Mageau

Øystein Bråten


Björn Eklund


Björn Eklund

Sound Design

Hugo Burvall

FPV Drone

Luke Bredar

Additional Cinematography

Johan Höllmuller

Graphic Design

Alric Ljunghager

Still Photography

Alric Ljunghager

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The Bunch - Is there time for matching socks

by TheBunch
Jan 2021 - 13.7K views

One easily falls into the same pattern over and over, no matter what one does. No matter if it's getting dressed in the morning or making a ski film. It´s as natural as water flows in a stream, or thoughts flow in our minds. Is There Time For Matching Socks is our quest to escape the default mode.

The Bunch has made conscious choices to lower the carbon footprint of this production and the emissions that were still generated have been balanced by 200%.
The emissions were balanced via a Gold Standard-certified wind park project in Aruba.
Total emissions 40 900 kg CO2eq
This corresponds to the yearly carbon footprint of either 2 Americans, 4 Swedes or 427 Rwandans.

Climate Report:

Supported by:
Poc Sports
Peak Performance

The Bunch - color

by TheBunch
Mar 2019 - 27.2K views


a film by The Bunch to celebrate the true love to skiing, the familiarity and deeply rooted connections that is The Bunch

Pär "Peyben" Hägglund
Alex Hackel
Kim Boberg
Oliver Karlberg
Magnus Granér
Lucas Stål Madison
Forster Meeks
Lauri Kivari
Hugo Burvall

Music in order of appearance:

Leo Björklund - Chaga
Kjell Höglund - Genesarets sjö
Franky Feelgood - Bodymangy
Boys - Hemtjänsten
Panda Da Panda - Lyfta maj på månen

Filmed in countries:

Produced by: Pär Hägglund & Alex Hackel
Main filming: Pär Hägglund
Additional filming: Alex Hackel
Editing: Pär Hägglund

BUNCH x ON3P - Leevin'

by TheBunch
Sep 2016 - 25K views

Presented by ON3P Skis.

A video by Andreas Olofsson.

Produced by Magnus Graner and Scott Andrus.

Featuring Magnus Graner, Karl Fostvedt, John Ware, Jake Doan and Maximilliam Smith.

This is fiction
Letter S
Truman show
Across Atlantic Sweden
Lake Salt
If only
Gang related

/ Bunch n ON3P

TheBunch - Elnour

by TheBunch
Mar 2020 - 26.7K views

Spontaneous creation with out need for justification.

Alex Hackel
Magnus Granér
Kim Boberg
Lucas Stål Madison
Jens Nilsson
Pär Hägglund
Abner Wyman
Douglas Källsbo
Sakarias Majander
Leo Björklund
Oliver Karlberg
Benjamin Carlund
Antti Ollila
Joona Kangas

Shitkid - Favourite Thing
Jelly Crystal - Beverly Hills
Kinky Essence - Kinky
Off The Meds - Veronica