PPSHR 2K15: The Rock

published Nov 2015 - 487 views

The first day of the season may have ended after only 3 runs, and it may have rained to the top of the mountain the following night... There may have only been a 36" base for most of the season, and the mountain may have closed a month early... Regardless of the conditions, a few passionate individuals managed to make the most of Pebble Creek's "worst season on record", and had an absolutely radical time with their friends and fellow Panda Tribe members at "The Rock"!
It's not the conditions that dictate the quality of the season. It's the amount of stoke one can cultivate that creates the richness of anyone's on-snow experience...

Credit: sander hadley, bo ferro, tansnowman

Skier: sander hadley, bo ferro, tansnowman

Location: Pebble Creek, ID

Artist: Sons of Bannock

Music: (208)



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