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Nov 2017 - 1.1K views

New #Panda_Vid!

Take a journey with TanSnowMan and the local Panda Tribe, as the Panda Chief recounts the events of last year's record winter!
Without further ado, may we present Part II of the "2017 Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel"...

Tribe UP "Glory"!

Filmed on location at Pebble Creek Ski Area, Beaver Mountain, Kelly Canyon Ski Resort, and Cherry Peak Resort.


by PandaPoles
Sep 2017 - 617 views

If there's one thing we can say about our boy Lee Swassing is that the homey can send... His skiing last season was absolutely ruthless! Full-on, cranked way past 11!

But on-point, nonetheless...

Although he can make some really beautiful turns, it just so happens that 95% of our footage of Lee is of him sending 40 footers...


Panda Poles Season Highlight Reel 2K17 dropping soon... Stay tuned!

Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles
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McFilthy 2K14

by PandaPoles
Nov 2014 - 1K views

As a member of the Panda Tribe since our beginnings, Tyson McDonald has been stoking the Panda fire for years. He has evolved from an untamed stunt monkey into a legitimate player in the freeride scene, and last season he proved that he is not afraid to take it to the limit... #TribeUP @tysonmcfilthy! Panda Poles Bamboo Ski Poles @PandaPoles #PandaPoles