2018 Summer Olympics

published Jul 2015 - 1,850 views

This was a very difficult feat to attempt. First and foremost I had to chase down one of freestyle skiings fore fathers, none other than Jonny Moseley. It took some convincing but after much debate he sent a 2160 into the future. It landed him somewhere circa 2018. All we know for sure is the Winter Olympics have been replaced by the Summer Olympics. New terrain means adaptations. The Jonny of 2002 brought in 2018 with a banger. Naming it the dinner roll of skiing. He then in his Jonny fashion sent the switch backie into the crowd pissing of the judges for the excessive celebration and showing off skiing in a bad light. The future is here and it is not pow days. Sorry, I am as disappointed as you! Stay Kooky!

Credit: Taylor Zann, Will Start, Chris Naum, Nybora Ski Te

Skier: Future Jonny Moseley

Location: CA 2018 Olympics

Playtime: 00:01:56

Artist: Alan Watts

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