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by kook.lyfe
Jul 2017 - 7.7K views

A lot happened in January of 2017... from Kim Jung Un's announcement of North Korea's development of a intercontinental ballistic missile to the bizarre Presidential transition of Donald Trump. There was also the discovery of supposed Russian interference with the United States Election but more importantly the infamous crew Naum Dawger, Danger Dave, Kell Daddy Long Legs, Mak Dawg, Sklar Dawger and the Ferret took on the pow-vicious Japan in a not so zen fashion!

Otaru 9% (Japan)

by kook.lyfe
Jan 2017 - 225 views

Coming at you hot with somer serious feels. Sklar dogger and Kook city hitting you with the pass back and forth editing on a late disorienting night in Otaru, Japan.

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Frothy Future Front

by kook.lyfe
Jul 2015 - 4K views

My submission for the Totally Trevor J Skis contest. Behind the shot: Waves were frothing, tide was high and the melt was at a max.