Chris DeJohn Cinematography Reel

published Oct 2014 - 1,240 views

These are some of my favorite shots from my film collection over the past two years. Over these years I have had the chance to attend various Urban trips, Park Shoots, Weddings, and Performances. I would like to thank anyone who has helped me along the way, and got me where I am today. I am excited to see where my camera brings me in the future and excited to meet all the interesting people along the way. Shoutout to the Skiers//Ross Imburgia, Lj Strenio, Mike Dejohn, Lupe Hagearty, Emile Bergeron

Credit: Chris DeJohn

Skier: Ross, Lj, Lupe, Mike, Cole, Emile

Playtime: 00:03:20



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