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Lupe Hagearty|Street 2014

by 860media*
Nov 2014 - 13.6K views

Lupe Hagearty was on the absolute grind last year. This was what he was able to capture while traveling around city to city looking for rails. You might have seen this in Street Nations new movie Achy Bliss check it out!!!!! Shout out to the filmers and anyone else who helped us out along the way!!! Big Thanks: Nordica, The Studio, Carinthia, Shred, Digit and Suburban sports!

Long Live the Tube

by 860media*
Feb 2016 - 3.6K views

We dug up this little gem from about three years ago after stumbling upon it while going through some old footage! Check it out and I hope you enjoy it!!!! Shoutout to Ski the East and Carinthia Parks for one of the illest weekends!

Created by: Brett Coffin

LDOH at Carinthia Parks

by 860media*
Apr 2019 - 6.8K views

With Mount Snows lifts stopping the boys crewed up for the last few weekends at Carinthia. With plenty of snow and decent weather tricks were thrown and cans were crushed. Keep those eyes peeled for a post season edit and catch ya at Hood next week!

Sam Marino
Ian Bryce
Ian Ackerman
Oscar Frost
Rob Newton
Bennie Osnow
Condor Obrien
Calvin Lyons
Chris DeJohn
Matt Denham
Charles Crall
Mike DeJohn
Garret Colby

860media Presents: Balance (full film)

by 860media*
Dec 2017 - 19.5K views

With more snowfall in December then all of last year, the boys knew it was time to get down to business. Check out this years short film & get with it or get rolled over.

Featuring: Mike DeJohn, Chris DeJohn, Calvin Lyons, Sam Marino, Lupe Hagearty, Jared DeGumbia, Ryan Funke & Friends

Created By:
Chris DeJohn

Produced By:
Jared Degumbia

Bryan Jones
Ethan Timmons
Devin Bernard
& Crew

Supported by:
The Studio Clothing
Northpull Winch Co.
Carinthia Parks