Tall T Trudays: Frank & JetLife

published Jan 2014 - 4,313 views

#4 I went back East for Christmas to see my family. Unfortunately, between a minor injury, weather, and not having a car, I was only able to ski once while home. Sugarbush is the best place to be and I'm glad I had a chance to check it out this season. We're all back in Cali now and ready to be chill and talk to blondes. Some quick notes: Lip on blind two is the only trick in the world. Anywhere with the right people. It's not about what someone else sees in you. It's about what you see in yourself. dai5

Credit: Tall T

Skier: Christian Franchino, Ethan White, Nate Capone+more

Location: VT, CA

Music: Young Jeezy, Simon & Garfunkel, Coconut Records

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