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WTRP: Holiday Valley

by -Dan
Mar 31st - 352 views

Nobody likes us except for us.
Skiing: Chris Boyer, Mike Boyer, Connor O'leary, Alva Swing, Mike Maywalt, Bryce Butler
Edit: Mike Boyer
Location: Holiday Valley

WTRP: Springhill

by -Dan
Mar 5th - 346 views

Low quality clips, high quality homies :)Alex Leveille, Noah Leppelman, Tyrus Thomson, Rowan Parnell, Branton Lothian, Ethan Smart, Asa France, Matthew Jankowski



by -Dan
Jan 2021 - 4.3K views

Filmed in one day @Mt. Bachelor Its a cold world, don't have a cold heart. Skiing by Oscar Weary Cutii by Tristan Steen

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by -Dan
Oct 2020 - 1.4K views

An east coast street skiing film. Raw and rugged as you've come to expect from the east.

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Featuring: Zach Masi, Andy Hoblitzelle, Chris Bechtold, Matt Stackhouse, Sam Putnam, Jackson Doremus and friends