Orage Swiss Vacation Part 2 - In Bound Freshies Abound

published Oct 2012 - 2,240 views

We scheduled a team trip that called for a Swiss family vacation style shred mission hopping trains from Zurich, to Laax Resort and onward to Andermatt, Switzerland over a short 5 day stay. But as the old saying goes, "nothing is to be expected but the unexpected". Despite our plans completely falling into the toilet we were fortunate to be stranded in one of Europe's most diverse resorts which resulted in our stoke meter being pinned at a 10 out of 10. With over 3 feet of fresh falling on night one we had two days of ridiculous in bound freshies that Laax and Flims locals said was "just another storm in one of Switzerland's snowiest seasons on record". We were not hating life. Enjoy the CLIP.

Credit: Orage

Skier: Phil Casabon, JP Auclair, Jeremy Prevost

Location: Switzerland

Playtime: 00:03:12



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