Orage Swiss Vacation Part 3 - A Coop-erative Effort

published Oct 2012 - 877 views

Isn't it a bummer when you get some much snow that it makes it hard to get the goods on an urban mission? No, we're not complaining. According to the Laax and Flims locals, there had been so much snow in Switzerland to date that the landscape literally changed. What were rocks and cliff drops last season had become rolls and filled in ravines this year. Where once stood stair sets and ledges in town, now stood head high banks of blown snow compliments of exhausted locals and their snow throwers. Looking for a change of pace, we headed into the neighboring town of Flims, Switzerland to find something to jib. Phil planned on doing what he does best, JP was on a mission to keep the All I Can street vibe rolling and Prevost was prepped to get his inaugural urban mission under his belt. We made it a few hundred yards outside our hotel lobby and came across a ton of snow and a pretty rad feature... a few hours later with one in the bag we headed down the street for set up number two. Success came in pairs that day. Enjoy the CLIP.

Credit: Orage

Skier: Phil Casabon, JP Auclair, Jeremy Prevost

Location: Switzerland

Playtime: 00:02:08



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